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Adherence to MCO Phase 2 can make a difference

Mar 31, 2020

LETTERS: Malaysians must continue to obey and remain committed to the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) that is entering Phase 2.

Only our commitment and cooperation will allow us to get through this Covid-19 threat. People by now understand that success will depend on how we can control the spread of the coronavirus.

The MCO strategy at Simpang Renggam is a perfect example of an accelerated pace of action, especially in the red zone in preventing large-scale transmission.

We are in the critical phase of preventing the Covid-19 from further spreading so the improvement of security management is a key factor.

Covid-19 outbreak is not a trivial matter as people acknowledge but some people are still not listening by going out from their house for unreasonable reasons.

So, given such a situation, the Malaysian government’s action to extend the MCO to April 14 is appropriate to curb and further block the spread of Covid-19.

If the people really understand what has been instructed and obey them, we are hopeful that the government will only have to maintain the implementation of the MCO until April 14.

Malaysia is facing the same threat like a lot of other countries regarding the coronavirus as billions of people around the world live in confinement while 20,000 succumbed to the virus.

We only have to take stock of what happened in the United States and Italy where the death toll from the Covid-19 outbreak has surpassed China.

However, China has succeeded in tackling the threat after enforcing a lockdown order which is now being followed by India.

Malaysians should be aware of the worsening developments outside our country and learn the lesson of limiting their movements.

Most importantly, we should follow the advice and safety methods outlined by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to avoid from being infected.

Don’t follow social media, fake news and so on by referring to the latest news and information from the MOH website.


Chairman of the National Unity Bureau