Press Release

Budget 2021 passed… Let’s move on, Malaysia!

Nov 26, 2020

1. The passing of Budget 2021 in the Dewan Rakyat today is a great relief all around for Malaysians.

2. All parties who voted for the national budget to be passed, have displayed great levels of maturity and placed the interest of the rakyat as priority.

3. There is much that needs to be done in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and other areas of nation-building.

4. Elected representatives must now rise above politics and tap into the budget to work together for the well-being of the nation and her people.

5. Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin and his team are to be commended for such an inclusive budget and one that can be expected to carry us through during these difficult days of the prolonged pandemic.

6. What is needed in going forward, is for all parties to remain united in fighting the deadly Covid-19 virus.

7. The bipartisan approval of Budget 2021 worth RM322.5 billion is a move which bodes well for Malaysia as it embarks on economic recovery and continues to instil investor confidence.

8. Let us all now focus in getting our growth rate to swing upwards.

9. As the country and its newly-approved Budget forge ahead, we hope the necessary investments are made by the Government.

10. This includes building more affordable homes for the rakyat, which would create more jobs and generate better disposable income for the public.

10. It is also hoped that the Government can now focus on issues such as the hike in food prices and food security, as well as technology-related issues.

11. Together, we can do this, Malaysia!