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Chow not interested in Zuki’s apology, Gerakan asks if exclusion is revenge

Mar 18, 2020

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said the Covid-19 pandemic is not a “political issue”, and that he was not interested in the chief secretary’s apology.

Yesterday, Government Chief Secretary Mohd Zuki Ali apologised after chief ministers and menteri besars of pro-Pakatan Harapan states were left out of a meeting to coordinate efforts to combat Covid-19.

“I’m not interested in answering this as it is not a political issue, it is about public health, the fate of Penangites and the future of Malaysia.

“It is better for us to focus on how to overcome this pandemic,” Chow (above) said at a press conference in Komtar today.

“Even without any order, Penang had already taken stringent measures, and we support the state health department, while they also support us,” he stressed.

Zuki had been criticised by activists who urged for action to be taken against him.

Gerakan deputy president Oh Tong Keong (above) asked: “Is this revenge? Human lives are not important? The citizens of these five states do not pay taxes?”

CM Chow Kon Yeow has handled well the Muhyiddin mafulat-ish malu-mangling of the Covid-19 coordination meeting. He comes out smelling of distinguished ministerial elegance, not driven into a childish raging diatribe against Putrajaya, and yet at the same time, making the Chief Sec Mohd Zuki looks small – well done Chow!

I doubt Lim GE could have provided such a cool and calm response, wakakaka.

Gerakan’s Oh has been a bit more aggressive and blunt to the point.