Press Release

Desperate politicians and their shameful shenanigans

Sep 27, 2020

1. Like it or not, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is the Prime Minister of Malaysia and whether his critics admit it or not, he has done an admirable job in steering the country out of stormy waters no thanks to the devastation caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

2. However, instead of supporting and rallying behind him to stabilise things, there are some politicians who are bent on poking holes everywhere with the intention of sinking the ship, along with every single crew and passengers in it.

3. In other words, these desperate politicians would rather see everyone perish just so long as they achieve their selfish desire to become captain of the vessel. All others and everything else be damned.

4. I am really troubled by how Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has allowed himself to be used by a number of politicians – especially those facing serious criminal charges of corruption offences which have brought nothing but shame to the country.

5. Supporters of these troubled politicians have already made it clear the only reason a number of Members of Parliament (MPs) are supporting Anwar is to destabilise the current government and ensure its downfall.

6. They care two hoots about the ensuing political, economical and social instability it would cause.

7. A diehard supporter of these troubled leaders has already posted numerous videos openly stating the actual reason they need to get rid of Muhyiddin.

8. They did not mince their words by declaring that some sections are incensed that Muhyiddin has done nothing to ensure charges against them are dropped.

9. It is troubling that people like this are stopping at nothing to get themselves freed of charges they are facing through a political show of force.

10. This clearly shows these politicians would have no qualms in manipulating the judiciary to get their charges dropped.

11. It is time Malaysians send out a loud and clear message that they would never allow politicians to dictate the judiciary in any way whatsoever. Those charged must face their day in the courts and let justice run its course.

12. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim cannot be allowed to hold the entire country to ransom just so he can achieve his selfish dreams while the corrupt politicians must realise the people will not sit back and idly watch them manipulate the judiciary .