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Press Release

Extend IGP tenure

Apr 2, 2021

1. Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Hamid Bador has been under the spotlight lately after his unashamedly, frank admission that there was something seriously wrong with the force.

2. For the first time, the number one cop in the country has revealed what most Malaysians already know, that many donning the blue uniform are not fulfilling the responsibilities they have been entrusted to perform.

3. Hamid openly admitted that some corrupt, high ranking officers under his command were in cahoots with members of the underworld, gangsters and criminals.

4. He also revealed that there is a cartel within the police force, comprising younger officers who want to disgrace and oust him. Their aim is to dominate the force for personal gain.

5. The IGP also sounded how he felt betrayed by an officer from the Penang Commercial Crime Investigation Department who released suspects involved in a Macau scam syndicate.

6. While we laud Hamid’s openness in disclosing all this, Malaysians are also waiting with baited breath for action to be taken against such corrupt policemen and for him to weed out those undeserving to wear the blue uniform.

7.  However, I fear time may be running out for Hamid to initiate reforms within the force. It is understood that he is due to leave service soon as his contract expires in May.

8. I hope the government will take heed of the serious revelations exposed by Hamid about what is going on in the Royal Malaysian Police.

9. It is clear that Hamid needs more time to clean up the force and he should be given every opportunity to do so.

10. I would like to urge Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to consider extending Hamid’s contract by another year or two for him to carry out cleansing of the force and restore its image among the people.

11. The government should also get the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to start its own investigation into the police force to stop the rot among the men in blue.

12. There is also a need for an independent, special task force to be established to clean up the force. I am sure Hamid will be more than willing for such measures to be initiated to help him restore the peoples’ faith and trust in the police.

Baljit Singh
Gerakan Vice President