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Gerakan joins Perikatan, pledges to become voice of moderation

Feb 11, 2021

PUTRAJAYA: As the newest member of Perikatan Nasional, Gerakan has pledged to become the voice of moderation and multiracialism within the coalition.

Gerakan president Datuk Dr Dominic Lau said the party is convinced that Perikatan is a coalition that prioritises unity and understanding as well as placing the people’s welfare first.

“Politics need to be moderate and should not be hostile. Politicians must unite and prioritise their country over their personal desires.

“I am confident that this coalition will prioritise unity and understanding.

“As a multiracial party, Gerakan promises to be the voice of moderation and pluralism within Perikatan.

“Gerakan is always prepared to represent the ordinary folk regardless of their racial, linguistic, ethnic and regional backgrounds for the sake of the Malaysian agenda, ” Lau said in a statement on Thursday (Feb 11).

Gerakan joins Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, PAS, Sabah Star and Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) as members of the Perikatan coalition.

During the 14th General Election, Gerakan lost all the 11 parliament and 31 state seats it contested.

As Pakatan Harapan took over the Federal Government, Gerakan decided to quit Barisan Nasional in June 2018 to become an independent opposition party.

The Pakatan government then collapsed in February 2020 following the “Sheraton Move”, which led to the formation of Perikatan.

Lau said one of Gerakan’s main tasks as a new member of Perikatan is to work with the government to tackle Covid-19 issues including preparing a post-pandemic recovery plan.

“In my discussions with Bersatu and PAS leaders, what is clear is that their political agenda is based on the welfare of the people.

“This is clear through the economic stimulus package plans announced by the Prime Minister.

“Billions of ringgit have been handed out as assistance to help the people face the pandemic, ” said Lau.