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‘Gerakan win in Kulim shows unity within PN’

Aug 14, 2023

ALOR STAR: Gerakan’s victory in Kulim in Saturday’s state election is proof Perikatan Nasional has always respected its coalition partner.

Newly elected Kulim assemblyman Wong Chia Zhen said Gerakan’s success in securing its only seat in the six-state polls show that the Pas-led coalition has always valued unity and camaraderie.

“Despite some communication shortcomings between the coalition’s parties, as expected, we must all adopt “husnuzon” (positive outlook) on the matter.

“Too many criticisms were aimed at Gerakan. But with my own eyes, I see this noble cooperation between Gerakan and Pas in the spirit of Perikatan Nasional,” he said in his speech at the Himpunan Mandat Rakyat event at Kedah Pas Complex here yesterday.