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Press Release

GERAKAN Youth urges SPR to lower the voting age before GE15

Apr 7, 2021

GERAKAN Youth has sent an invitation letter to have a friendly dialogue with SPR regarding the delay of lowering the voting age, and the delay of automatic voter registration to 2022.

Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia National Youth Secretary General Lim Si Ching accompanied by National Central Committee Thed Wei Shiun, passing the letter of invitation to Mr Mohammad Azlan Charles bin Abdullah, an SPR officer representative.

“As someone who involved in the political empowerment of youths, I invoke my right to differ. Voting at age 18 is not merely about the right to vote. It’s about free choices to make, basic democracy, and political education.”

“What’s the point of offering political education and general election if they are unable to practice it?”

It is ironic that the question of maturity is raised when it comes to politics.

Compare that with setting 18 as the legal age to driving, smoking, and consuming an alcoholic beverage. Thousands of youths are working and paying taxes via SST, we are trusting youths to make the right choices. In everyday life, people are making choices freely, from what to buy to what we eat.

GERAKAN Youth is willing to take the step towards gazetting 7.8 million new voters in the electoral roll by July or at least by this year.

Unlike some other parties, only making statements, or even worse, sueing EC and PN, which are not helping at all.