Press Release

Get a flat for Ganesh’s family now!!!

Dec 24, 2020

  1. I am shocked, dismayed and sad after reading about a family which was left homeless since April 6 after their house at Lebuh Carnavon in Penang was destroyed in a fire.
  2. The emotions are compounded especially since the story is being highlighted in the media on Christmas eve, a time when everyone should be rejoicing and celebrating all the good in life.
  3. However, this clearly is not the case for security guard S Ganesh, who together with his wife and three daughters have been sleeping in his car and using public amenities after being forced to live a nomadic life no thanks to the fire which destroyed their home.
  4. It is definitely heart wrenching to read about Ganesh’s plight. It is even more so knowing that he has applied for a flat from the Penang Housing Department but due to the long waiting list he is not likely to get one anytime soon.
  5. I hope the Penang state government – especially the housing department, looks into this family’s predicament with the utmost urgency.
  6. It needs to put aside all red tape in helping this family secure a flat immediately. This must be done without fuss or excuses.
  7. What we have here is a Penangite in desperate need of help. Help which should have been forthcoming yesterday.
  8. It is heartening to know that some organisations have already contacted the family to help out until a long term solution is found. I again implore the state government to attend to the family’s needs immediately. Only then can we really wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.