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Give media personnel covering crisis special allowance

Apr 21, 2020

LETTERS: Following the MCO extension and facing the risk of the Covid-19 outbreak, perhaps Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will also acknowledge the sacrifices of media practitioners too who covered the pandemic story by allocating a special allowance to them.

Malaysians are currently relying heavily on media outlets reporting on the current status of the Covid-19 outbreak.

They have to cover press conferences and meet various parties while also travelling during MCO thus also among another group of front liners in reporting the Covid-19 outbreak situation across the country, from one phase to another.

This group of front liners are also exposed to the Covid-19 due to the travelling factor. Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhiyiddin can call it the Media Aid Allowance in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications & Multimedia.

The aid can help lessen their burden a bit as some of them are also contract staffs who won’t have insurance coverage while on duty.

This aid will be the government’s tribute to media personnel who put themselves at risk for covering the outbreak regardless in any situations starting early in the morning until evening, and in various locations.

The Ministry of Communications & Multimedia should monitor media personnel conditions during their coverage. Don’t just look at the contribution of the news, but also see how journalists have to make sacrifices to cover it.

Many NGOs have donated Covid-19 safety kits such as face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves for the safety of the public.

If the government were concerned about the media, it would offer help to those involved which can be in the form of special allowance.


National Unity Bureau Chairman, Gerakan