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Govt urged to enforce EO to use private health facilities for Covid-19 cases

Jul 17, 2021

KUALA LUMPUR: The government should enforce Article 3 of the Health- Emergency Ordinance (EO) to obtain and use private facilities and hospitals, doctors and nurses to reduce the overcrowding and strain on public facilities.

Gerakan president Datuk Dr Dominic Lau said since the public facilities have been overwhelmed, with the continuous increase in Covid-19 cases and ICU beds fully taken up at some public hospitals, the government should reconsider taking over private hospitals in the present situation.

He said no doubt that private hospitals were also helping to treat Covid-19 cases but feared that the current overloaded public healthcare may not be able to sustain.

“Under Article 3 and 4 of the Emergency Ordinance, the government can acquire any private buildings, facilities including the doctors and nurses to work for them. So, why not enforce this to ease the burden of major public hospitals which are overwhelmed and strained?” he suggested.

He said this move could also help many in the public healthcare system to deliver more efficient and effective treatment to the patients.

“The government, namely the Health Ministry, as the main regulator during EO should put to good use the powers invested to help the struggling public healthcare facilities in the country,” he said.

In an unrelated development, Lau said Gerakan had embarked on several initiatives to help the people, including distributing food baskets through the Program Kasih Kenyang, Helping Hand Gelandangan and Helping Hand PPR.

“So far in KL we have distributed 200 food baskets containing groceries, vegetables, and fruits for the PPR Beringin residents here.

“During the distribution, one of the recipients voiced her discontentment saying her Member of Parliament, in this case Batu MP refused to help when he was approached recently. His aide apparently told her to ask me, instead.

“This actually came as a shock to me, because all MPs have been given RM300,000 each to help their constituents,” he said.

Lau said although Gerakan did not receive such allocations it is more than happy to help wherever it can.

“I have instructed all 148 divisions nationwide to be prepared and help those in need in their respective divisions. I have also asked division heads to look out for what help the MPs are rendering to these people with the special allocation given to them,” he told reporters after a virtual Central Committee Meeting here today.

Speaking on the 5-day special Parliament seating that starts July 26, Lau said he hoped the MPs attending the assembly would be civil and not create unnecessary ruckus or tension during the five days.

“Please do not hurl insults and quarrel with each other. Let us all be civil and focus on helping the government to deal with Covid-19,” Lau said.

The five-day session is expected to be filled with presentations from ministers and MPs on Covid-19 efforts carried out so far.