Press Release

Rakyat’s Needs, not politicians’ Greed

Nov 18, 2020

1. Much has been, and is being said and debated about Budget 2021.

2. The budget is fast turning into one of the, if not THE, most controversial one ever tabled in this country’s history.

3. There are many allocations for various agencies, organizations and purposes which have become contentious and are the talk of town, with everyone from the man on the street to politicians giving their worth on it.

4. The proposed budget has been debated in the ongoing Dewan Rakyat and from the proceedings it is obvious the probability of it being passed remains in the balance.

5. However, there have been calls for Members of Parliament (MPs) from the opposing sides to put their differences aside and come up with a consensus to pass it during the parliamentary voting session, which is expected to be held on Nov 25.

6. It is obvious that the consequences of the budget hitting a roadblock at this juncture cannot be understated.

7. There is bound to be serious remifications on the country’s political stability. This is something Malaysia can ill afford right now.

8. As it is people are already fed up with all the political shenanigans that have taken place in the past few months.

9. All this happened even as we are facing the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, which is now in the third phase resulting in even more to be infected with more fatalities being recorded.

10. It is about time everyone sits down to look into the shortcomings of the budget and reach a consensus to produce one which would truly benefit all the people and put the country back on the track of recovery.

11. All MPs need to realize that their priority should be on the vulnerable segments of society, boosting the economy and kickstarting business activities again.

12. The last thing they should be focusing on is trying to derail the government with the hopes that it would lead to the dissolution of parliament to make way for a snap general election.