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Mak Kah Keong I, as the new GERAKAN Secretary General, feel that it is vital to persist in our values and never giving up in our efforts to bridge the widening chasm between Malaysians polarized by racial and religious issues. As part of the new leadership of the party, we are committed and determined to work together with our fellow members in charting a new course for the party and improve our political fortune together as one political family. We share the aspiration and mission to make GERAKAN great again.
(GERAKAN Secretary-General) This website is the official platform for GERAKAN to communicate with all Malaysians as we embark on a new chapter for GERAKAN in a post-14th General Election (GE14) era. It will serve as an interactive platform to share information about the party regarding our struggles, vision, and mission as well as our programs and activities.

After the disappointing GE14, GERAKAN has decided to part ways with old practices and mentality. We vow to start anew with renewed faith, hope and energy. We realize that despite our best efforts to fight for the interests of all Malaysians, it was not enough.
As the new Gerakan Secretary General Welcome to the Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia