Press Release

Stop It, #Rakyat must be the priority

Oct 6, 2020

1. One has to be blind and totally out of touch with the realities on the ground if he/she does not realise that the people are incensed. Unfortunately, the anger was caused by an implosion of our own doing. Admit it or not, we let our guard down.

2. Yes, the rakyat is furious over what has happened in the country over the past few weeks. Just when things seemed to be getting back on track with the Covid 19 situation in the country, there has been a sudden explosion of positive cases.

3. From the northern tip of Perlis right to the southernmost state of Johor, the single digit numbers which brought the smiles back on the faces of the people have almost overnight exploded in three digit figures that are downright frightening.

4. It was reported that the country recorded the highest number of Covid 19 cases in a day on Friday when 287 victims were tested positive. However, the figure almost doubled yesterday when it was revealed that 432 people had been infected by the deadly virus.

5. These alarming figures definitely do not make for pleasant reading. It is sad and scary. The rise in infections has led to outrage among the people, with many blaming politicians for the spike. They have pointed fingers at those who returned from campaigning in the Sabah state elections for bringing the virus back to the peninsula.

6. However, as Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob correctly pointed out the outbreak is not solely caused by politicians as there were also infections caused by returning travellers, tourists and also those who had gone to Sabah for official matters and business.

7. Nevertheless, as true as Ismail Sabri’s explanation may be, many will remain unconvinced and this is only natural. After all it is the cases involving politicians and clusters caused by them which are going to be most widely reported.

8. As it is, there are already banners being put up at various public places condemning politicians for the latest rise in Covid 19 cases. Over here, I would like to urge the police to reconsider threats of finding and arresting those behind these banners.

9. Such action is not going to be helpful at all as it is bound to aggravate the public even more. Threats of arrest and persecution of the people should be the last thing on the minds of the authorities right now. On the contrary, what is needed is a less condescending approach which Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has been striving hard to inculcate in his administration.

10. As we talk about outrage against the politicians, I find it extremely disturbing to see there are those who seem to have nothing on his mind but pushing for snap general elections in their bid to gain power, Covid 19 and the havoc it could cause the people be damned.

11. These politicians will stop at nothing to achieve their selfish desires, coming up with statements every other day on the so-called numbers they have to unseat the government.

12. I call on such people to stop this immediately. Please think about what you are doing to the country, Instead of uniting behind the government to steer us out of the mess we are in due to Covid 19, you are sabotaging the rakyat just so you can feed your greed for power.