Press Release

The rabble rouser is at it again

Dec 23, 2020

  1.  After not uttering a word when numerous issues which had even far more catastrophic effects on his party’s credibility and integrity unfolded in recent months, Lim Kit Siang has suddenly resurfaced.
  2. He has been shouting about a so called Covid 19 scandal of untold proportions to provoke.
  3. He was tongue tied when his son and daughter in law were charged with corruption, details of which I will spare from sharing again here as I am sure most if not all Malaysians are already well aware of by now.
  4. There were no calls for the DAP to initiate investigations on how their secretary general had not only caused disrepute to the party but also brought untold shame to it. Heck, Kit Siang even forgot to call for a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of how his immediate kin could have scandalised the family and party’s good names. Yes, he was totally tongue tied then but Kit Siang suddenly found his voice again when he smelt an opportunity to rile up the people by pouncing on a so called scandal involving the purchase of Covid 19 vaccines that he had discovered.
  5. He wasted no time issuing a statement based on a tweet by Belgian Secretary of State Eva De Bleeker who revealed that her country paid 12 Euros (RM60) per dose for Pfizer’s Covid 19 vaccine.
  6. Lim claimed Malaysia would be paying more than 20 times that price, based on reports of the RM3 billion allocation that was set aside by the government.
  7. However, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has since rubbished the claim. He explained that the RM3 billion was for a range of Covid 19 vaccines and meant to cover at least 70 per cent of the population.
  8. Khairy said all Members of Parliament, as well as the Public Accounts Committee will be briefed on details of the procurement, as he was unable to make it public due to the non-disclosure agreement signed during the purchase of the vaccines. Violating it may lead to the manufacturers cancelling the agreements with Malaysia.
  9. Taking it a step further, Khairy had also invited Kit Siang for a meeting to enable the veteran Opposition rabble rouser to get a clearer picture of how the government had gone about with the procurement deal for a much needed vaccine.
  10. However, not surprisingly Kit Siang has turned down the meeting, stating that he had no time to meet Khairy. Such response is only to be expected from DAP leaders. They have mastered the art of starting a fire and then standing at the bylines to watch the country burn.
  11. We have seen it happen many times. One just has to look back the at the 14th General Election to be reminded about all the allegations and claims they floated everywhere to rile up the people, only to see them backtracking every step of the way after gaining power.
  12. Finally I cannot but reflect about how Kit Siang once famously said that he would be the first person to commit suicide by jumping off the Penang Bridge if it was ever built. This happened when the government announced its intention to built the bridge. The bridge was not only completed but a second one has since been built. Better still his son has since gone on to announce plans for a tunnel…however the light at the end of this proposal may never be seen. That much I can assure the people.