Siaran Akhbar

Gerakan warns of attempts to undermine racial harmony using the Tampoi brawl

Jun 1, 2023

Gerakan calls on the public to remain vigilant and not to fall for provocations by irresponsible quarters who fan racial-religious sentiments from the recent brawl in Tampoi, for narrow political ends.

Based on public feedback, video clips of the incident have gone viral and there’s a risk that if left unchecked, will be further spun to heighten racial-religious fervour ahead of the elections in six states due to be held soon.

The fact that such a clip found traction among certain segments of the community underlies the fragile nature race relations have become in the country. Gerakan stands firm in its “Bangsa Malaysia” philosophy and does not condone the stoking of racial-religious sentiments for political goals.

Gerakan finds such tactics most reprehensible and disgusting as political contests should be based on policy merits and not by harping on emotions, especially in a plural country like Malaysia.

In this respect, Gerakan calls on the authorities like the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to step up efforts to clamp down on insidious activities preying on Malaysians’ emotions. Failure to do so may embolden the agent provocateurs who will only cause more damage to this country.

Likewise, Malaysians should also refrain from forwarding unverified content and content which are seditious or likely to elicit racial-religious hatred. Malaysia has no place for divisive acts that can tear the fabric of this country apart.

More importantly, we call on political players in the country to stop fanning racial-religious sentiments through this incident or otherwise. There is no need to harp on ill-feelings just because one is trailing in the upcoming polls in the six states.

Gerakan is founded on plurality and diversity. We believe our “Bangsa Malaysia” ideals where no single community should rule over the rest on account of skin colour, religion or creed, can help moderate the extremities which our local politics and policies have turned into.