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Penang Water Supply Crisis: Gerakan Party Calls for Accountability

Jan 10, 2024

GEORGE TOWN, January 10 – The Chairman of the Gerakan Party, Penang State, Oh Tong Keong, has strongly criticized members of the State Assembly (ADUN) and Members of Parliament from the ruling Penang government for evading responsibility in the recent water supply disruption. In a media statement, Oh Tong Keong emphasized that the water supply issue is the collective responsibility of all ADUN and MPs affiliated with the Penang government.

He urged the Penang Unity Government not to compromise the interests of the people for personal gains and to focus on resolving the water supply crisis that has affected the residents of Penang. The Gerakan Party raised concerns about the effectiveness of the Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP) and called on all Non-Executive Directors, including those from the ruling coalition, to be held accountable for the recent water supply disruption.

Oh Tong Keong questioned the commitment of these directors, who also serve as State Executive Councillors, to their roles in PBAPP, emphasizing that their salaries should be earned through sincere and dedicated efforts to address the water supply challenges faced by the people of Penang. The party also highlighted the need for transparency and urged the government not to engage in double standards, pointing out that accountability should extend beyond PBAPP to the entire Penang Unity Government.