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18-year-old adoptee finally gets MyKad after six-year wait

Oct 19, 2020

IPOH: An 18-year-old student finally obtained her MyKad after six years of waiting.

“I was adopted by my mother but upon adoption, my mother did not receive any documents or birth certificate. She worked hard to get my citizenship, including seeking help from her bosses and friends.”Six years ago, she heard about Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam, who had helped those in similar situations and decided to contact him,” she told reporters at a press conference by Sivasubramaniam at the Home Affairs Ministry building here Monday (Oct 19).

Soon said that although she was allowed to enrol in school, she still faced a few difficulties.”When I was in secondary school, there were allowances given to students.”But because I did not have any citizenship or MyKad, I was told that I am not entitled to receive it even though we come from a poor family,” she said, adding that her mother worked at a temple to support them.

“There were times where I was asked to set up bank accounts but I could not since I did not have a MyKad.”Now that I have become a Malaysian citizen, I plan to take a driving license and set up a bank account.”I hope that with my MyKad, I could lessen my mother’s burden,” she said.

Soon added that she plans to become a veterinarian.”I scored 5As in my SPM and am currently doing my Form Six in Economy at SMK Raja Perempuan.”I am not sure what course I can take to fulfil my ambition, but I will work hard to make my mother proud.

“She has worked hard her entire life to provide the best for me, including sending me to extra classes.”She would call Sivasubramaniam once every few months to check on the progress. This is all her hard work, and I am thankful to have her,” she said, in tears and hugging her mother.

Sivasubramaniam said he plans to sponsor Soon’s’s tuition fees once she enters university.”I am glad that we managed to get her daughter MyKad. After this, we will assist her in getting help from the Welfare Department,” he said.