Press Release

Alarm bells should go off over effects of COVID-19 cases in prisons

Oct 7, 2020

1. The Health Ministry is being urged to step up on the safety protocols of inmates and staff at prisons nationwide.

2. Gerakan legal bureau chief Datuk Baljit Singh today said the alarming rate in which prison inmates were being infected, was cause to also step up safety measures in public places like the courts and hospitals where the inmates had been taken to.

3. Have there been any attempts to contact trace the judges, lawyers, court staff, policemen and the public who have been present at our courts when the prisoners were produced?

4. The mere act of sanitising and disinfecting prisons or moving prisoners to other locations alone does not suffice at the moment

5. The health authorities must take a firm stand and introduce stringent measures immediately to contain any potential infection which may have occurred when the prisoners were taken to public places.

6. The lives of family members of those who came in contact or were in the same vicinity of the prisoners should also be considered immediately.

7. If the situation warrants it, the closure of our courts where the prisoners have been taken to should be carried out immediately and all staff and those affected be tested and quarantined.

8. All lives are equally precious and we can no longer afford to be reactive to a health situation, which is beginning to get out of hand.

9. Let us all stop the finger-pointing and move quickly together in stemming this pandemic.