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DAP, Gerakan leaders urge police to investigate lawyer over racial slurs, incitement

Jan 17, 2020

SEBERANG PERAI, Jan 17 — DAP and Gerakan leaders are calling for stern action against lawyer Mohd Khairul Azam Abdul Aziz for his latest social media post insulting the ethnic Indians and Chinese in the country.

Penang Gerakan chairman Oh Tong Keong said the police must investigate the lawyer for his incendiary comments.

He said it was obvious that Mohd Khairul, who uses the name Syed Buzze Azam on Facebook, was trying to incite hatred among the different races in the country.

“He is causing racial disharmony by insulting other races when in a multiracial country like Malaysia, we have to respect other races,” he said.

He said this also showed it was time that Putrajaya introduced laws to curb racism, especially with the likes of Mohd Khairul intent on causing communal friction.

“We need anti-racism laws to stop people like him from continuing to use race and religion to divide the people which will lead to unwanted consequences,” he said.

DAP’s David Marshel and Jason Raj also criticised Mohd Khairul over his video posted on Facebook with the title Cina dan India takde dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia (Chinese and Indians are not in the Federal Constitution).

In the clip, Mohd Khairul held a copy of the Federal Constitution and pointed out that only the Malays were mentioned while the Chinese and Indians were not.

“Your races are not even in the Federal Constitution and you want to talk so much,” he said at the end of the clip.

David said the Federal Constitution uses “other races” to encompass all races other than Malays as it was not feasible to list out every different race in the country including those in East Malaysia.

He said Mohd Khairul obviously twisted the Federal Constitution to suit his needs which was to insult the Chinese and Indians.

“He is doing this for cheap publicity and if we look at his Facebook, he is publicly seeking public donations for his own company,” he said.

He accused the lawyer of using racial issues to gain support.

David, who is also a city councillor, also urged the Bar Council to investigate Mohd Khairul’s actions and to disbar him.

“A total 18 police reports have been lodged against him so I hope action will be taken against him,” he said.

He added that the police had done their work by investigating the lawyer but the lawyer was never charged in court.

“We call on the Attorney General’s Chambers to look at his cases seriously and bring him to court,” he said.

Jason and David both have lodged police reports against Mohd Khairul over his latest video clip.

Mohd Khairul was also the lawyer who had issued a letter to a school in Puchong complaining of “excessive” Chinese New Year decorations in the school and labelling the decorations which consisted of flowers and lanterns as being “too religious”.