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Kepong MP and club squabble over community hall

Jan 14, 2020

MEMBERS of Tern Yung Gong (TYG) wants an explanation from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) on why the local authority has taken over the community hall in Kepong that the association has been managing.

TYG chairman Yap Choon Loy was particularly upset with Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng as his representatives asked them to surrender the key to the hall within a day.

“We were told to vacate the premises by the next day and remove all the belongings.

“One day is not enough for us to pack up and move out, ” he said.

and collected a RM20 monthly fee from members for maintenance of the hall located in Jinjang Utara.

“On Jan 8, several DBKL officers came to seal the hall, ” said Yap, adding that the key to the hall was still in his possession then.

Kepong Gerakan coordinator Ong Siang Liang and about 30 TYG members gathered outside the hall to demand an explanation from Lim following the hall takeover.

Ong also questioned the need for DBKL to take over the hall’s management.

“We were told that management of community halls in the city were being taken over due to them being under the control of political parties.

“However, TYG is a non-governmental organisation and has no affiliation to any political party, ” he said.

Lim, when contacted, refuted Yap’s claim that his office approached TYG for the key, and that he was only present to oversee the operation conducted by DBKL.

“There are 19 community halls in Kepong, including six in Jinjang Utara. The operators were served several notices by DBKL to vacate the premises by Jan 2, ” he said.

Lim also dismissed Ong’s claim that TYG was not affiliated to any political party.

Kepong Community Service Centre head Yee Poh Ping called on Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad to step in to resolve the dispute.

On Jan 9, StarMetro reported that six public halls in Kepong were handed over to residents associations under DBKL’s jurisdiction.

DBKL Kepong manager Ahmad Ibnu Sina Termizi was quoted as saying that several meetings were held with the hall operators before two notices were issued.

On June 20 last year, StarMetro reported that DBKL was taking over management of community halls in Kuala Lumpur because of poor maintenance, with several having large sums of unpaid utility bills.

Some halls were also being run for commercial purposes by certain parties, charging local communities exorbitant fees for their use, the authority was quoted as saying.