Press Release

No need for drama, just wait for your day in court

Aug 11, 2020

1. It looks like some DAP leaders are bent on seeing party secretary general Lim Guan Eng locked up even before his power abuse, corruption and possibly money laundering charges are heard in the courts by making subjudicial comments involving his cases.

2. The Deputy Public Prosecutor handling Lim’s first case of seeking 10 per cent cut from the Penang Undersea Tunnel Project worth RM6.29 billion had given a clear warning that the prosecution would not hesitate to seek for his bail to be revoked if subjudicial comments are made pending trial.

3. However, instead of heeding the warning, many DAP leaders – including the accused himself, have been going round not only making all sorts of comments but also casting aspersions on the charges filed against him.

4. Lim has accused the authorities of committing political persecution against him. He has also questioned what he terms as lack of evidence to implicate him even as the charges have just been filed.

5. On Friday, when he was first charged at the KL Sessions Court, Lim and other DAP leaders hollered that the accusation was flawed as no exact monetary figure had been attached in the charge sheet. The Bagan member of parliament seems to have completed his submission of what needs to be said in court even before any evidence is presented!

6. Yesterday, after he was slapped with another charge – this time for power abuse and soliciting RM3.3 million from the owner of the company involved in the tunnel project, Lim again tried to fight his case outside the courts by stating that MACC had failed to show any evidence of his wrongdoing or other solid proof.

7. Since then, others like DAP national publicity chief Tony Pua have jumped on the bandwagon to fight Lim’s case outside the courtrooms by maligning a potential witness in the case by calling the person an unreliable witness. (ref:…/pua-consortium-zenith-boss-not…/)

8. Another DAP leader, former Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong has also waded into the issue by commenting that the charges against Lim were to counteract Najib’s conviction in the SRC International case. (ref:…/chin-tong-charge-against-guan…/)

9. These two postings have since prompted a Non Governmental Organisation in Penang to lodge two separate reports against Tony Pua and also Liew Chin Tong. (ref:…/reports-lodged-against-tony-pua-ch…)

10. My advise to Lim Guan Eng and the other DAP leader is that they wait for his day in court. Just like any other accused person, Lim Guan Eng will have plenty of opportunity to clear his name if he is indeed innocent. Making subjudicial comments on the charges against Lim Guan Eng is just going to end with even bigger problems for him.

11. If the prosecutors have filed `flawed` charges as Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders claim, his lawyers will have a field day and an even easier task to get his acquittal. There is no need to fear if the prosecutors don’t have any solid proof, isn’t it YB?

12. Another word of advise to Lim Guan Eng is to stop being a hypocrite by telling others to not draw your family members into the problems you are facing while at the same time you make a show of” dragging ” your aged mother to the Butterworth courts as you are charged. Surely there is no need to expose her to the dangers of a Covid 19 infection just for a photo opportunity to gain public sympathy.