Press Release

PH policies and decisions monitoring report 2019

Jan 17, 2020

A total of 724 major policies, decisions and statements announced by the PH government in 2019 are being analyzed. For each policy, decision and statements by the PH government, we have assessed and scored according to three aspects such as a) commitment to the manifesto, b) implementation and c) public response.

Based on the analysis of Pakatan Harapan’s policies and decisions made in 2019, it is clear that the general public is feeling ultimately disappointed rather than hopeful based on their performance in 2019. PH has predictably failed to obtain the passing mark for Positive rating which seemed to be declining since the 1st Quarter. Negative rating and scores dominated the headlines with numerous blunders and gaffe uttered by the leaders of the government in 2019. Some of the issues that seems to be plaguing the administration were matters such as the permission for Lynas to continue operating where DAP leaders have kept a deafening silence ever since. The controversial extradition of Zakir Naik also ring some bells as he even made derogatory remarks on the non-Malays in the country as ‘pendatang’ with the Prime Minister refusing to boot the preacher back to India. Another widely ridiculed policy but the government was unwilling to back down is the flying car project with resources and attention would be better used on other more important issues. Furthermore, the introduction of Jawi was one of the major reasons why PH gained an astonishing thumbs down. Despite gaining objection from many sides, the government remains adamant in introducing this to primary school students. On another note, Kongres Maruah Melayu that was attended by the Prime Minister is notably also one of the reason for the declining image of Pakatan Harapan at whole. The power struggle among PH leaders are also another reason for the Negative rating by the public which seems to keep procrastinated.

Nevertheless, there were also notable decisions made by PH government deserving acclamation such as the repeal of anti-fake news act and also the proposal to increase the duration of maternity leave to 98 days from 68 days. Another good attempt by the government would be the Budget 2020 and Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 that was proposed for their promising performance for the next year and decade. With the hope to a better nation, these proposals led to an increase in their overall image and assurance to the public. Gerakan believes that it is extremely important especially in a time when the nation hopes to see progressive politics after witnessing the change of government for the first time in Malaysia’s history in the 2018 General Election.

We, Gerakan hopes that PH will listen to the general public and focus more on our economy and the welfare of the rakyat so that we have enough funds for expenditure keeping in view the increasing cost of living. Check-and-balance on the PH government would ensure governance is on track of realizing Malaysians’ aspiration, hope and demand for change and betterment as envisioned by the people.

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