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Rukun Negara: A blessing for Malaysians

Jul 20, 2020

THE Rukun Negara should be glorified as a symbol of national resilience and used as an instrument of unity so that the society realises, accepts and understands the concept of diversity of races, religions and cultures practiced in the country is a blessing.

Gerakan National Unity Bureau head H. Puvaniten, in a statement, said with the Rukun Negara now half a century old, there is a need to make Malaysians understand its meaning, whereby all should unite and celebrate differences.

“Unity and courtesy are sacred words that are a priority and should not be taken lightly. Rukun Negara was launched after the May 13, 1969 incident in the country.

“Now, the Rukun Negara seems to be neglected. Lately, statements and complaints that smack of racism are becoming bolder and bolder. The philosophy, principles and need for Rukun Negara are being pushed aside. Is social media the cause?, ” he asked.

He said whatever excuses, accusations and causes given, it would not help in finding the solution, but  would only aggravate situation.

He said if the five principles of the Rukun Negara  were studied, fully understood and appreciated by all Malaysians, regardless of race, it would certainly produce a united society that set aside differences for the sake of harmonious living.

He said Rukun Negara can help mould a generation with high noble values.

“Undeniably, Malaysia is now persistent in overcoming the challenges of globalisation, with the biggest challenge is the erosion of noble values which form the basis for the formation of a moral society.

“We dream for a new generation that is smart, polite, courteous and respectful of others,” he said and expressed the need for parents to set good examples for their children.

He said every level of the society should play their respective role so that the noble values would be inherited by future generation.