Press Release

Small businesses are for Malaysians, stop Foreigners!

Dec 18, 2019

Small businesses are for Malaysians and not for foreigners. Prioritize our people first, let we run small and medium businesses. The government should not allow the inflow of foreign traders to disturb the socio economic of local small business owners. For example, if you go to Pasar Borong Selayang or Petaling Street, there are more foreigners than the locals. We understand that some Malaysians are renting out their licenses to foreigners to operate their business and some are operating illegally. This also invite some illegal activities, transfer (outflow) of ringgit and invite undocumented migrants.

What the best for now is to stop foreigners to take chance with our local small businesses and for that we need a strong enforcement by the related municipality and government agencies.

We urge the government to regulate the laws and protect our small business owners. These people are working day and night to get some decent amount of profits, protect them! Don’t just sit there at the Putrajaya and talking nonsense about flying car and so-called third national car, get down to the field and see what the locals are facing, assist them!