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GERAKAN hopes to dispel ‘misconceptions about PAS’

Nov 18, 2023

KUALA LUMPUR: GERAKAN president Dominic Lau said the party needs to dispel misconceptions non-Muslims had of PAS in order to convince Chinese voters to back Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar, the Perikatan Nasional candidate for the Kemaman by-election next month.

Samsuri, who is the Terengganu menteri besar, is also a PAS vice-president.

“We will ensure that non-Muslim voters will back the PN candidate,” he told reporters at the party’s Deepavali open house here, adding that he was confident Gerakan would be able to woo the community.

The Chinese community makes up 3% of the voters in the constituency, he said.

“We know that our rivals (Barisan Nasional) will employ dirty tactics to instigate the Chinese to vote against PN including that we would stop them from wearing shorts or prevent them from consuming alcohol.”

But Lau said, despite Terengganu being under PAS rule, non-Muslims were not prevented from consuming alcohol. He added such claims needed to be clarified.

Lau said Gerakan would also highlight the failures of Anwar Ibrahim’s government in looking out for the welfare of non-Muslims.

He said Anwar became the prime minister due to the support of 95% of Chinese voters for Pakatan Harapan. “But now they (the Chinese voters) are unhappy and disappointed with his performance,” he said.

He accused Anwar of failing to resolve issues related to vernacular schools and overcoming the shortage of Chinese language teachers, and blamed the prime minister for the increased cost of living.”

The Kemaman by-election is a straight fight between Samsuri and BN candidate Raja Affandi Raja Noor, a retired army general. Polling takes place on Dec 2.

The by-election was called following an election court decision which annulled the victory of PAS candidate Che Alias Hamid in the November 2022 general election. The court held that the distribution of government aid to voters during the campaign period constituted election bribery.




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