Siaran Akhbar

Body cameras needed for all cops?

Jun 30, 2022

1. Has the time come for the police force to be equipped with cameras when on duty to better protect themselves and also the public?

2. In the interest of transparency and inspiring confidence, it may be timely to leverage on technology so that the public has better peace of mind in the unlikely event of disputes.

3. It is not uncommon for enforcement officers to find themselves in situations of confrontation or disputes with the public in their line of duty.

4. The use of body cameras and their supporting software will go very far in maintaining the image of the police force and restore the truth in any untoward incidents.

5. Enough has been seen and heard about police brutality, and also cases where the public has turned the tables on the cops by harming them.

6. With body cameras and remote micro speakers in place, precious time will be saved in maintaining law and order in the community, documenting statements, observations, behaviour and other evidence.

7. Those manitoring the application of the software must also be held accountable for the seamless usage of the devices and its maintenance.

8. Unlike situations where close-circuit television cameras have sometimes been found to “malfunction” after a crime or accident, there must be no margin of error in the usage and monitoring of the body cameras for our cops.

9. Body cameras attached to the uniforms of our police men and women will capture both video and audio evidence when these officers are attending to any and all types of incidences.

10. They will go a far way in deterring unprofessional, illegal and inappropriate behaviour by both law enforcement agencies and the public.

Baljit Singh
Gerakan Vice-President