Siaran Akhbar

Remove religion and race categories in all application forms for those under-18’s.

Mac 25, 2022

1. It is high time that divisive questions such as religion and race be removed from forms involving those aged 18 and below.
2. As a nation which became independent over six decades ago, why are we still bent on asking Malaysians to declare their ethnicity and faith on public forms?
3. What is the necessity of having minors declare this piece of information? Is it to promote and instill in them racist practises and beliefs?
4. We have spoken too much and done next to nothing regarding this issue and our children continue to be surrounded by this unhealthy trend especially in their schools where a majority of educators are promoting the need to segregate children (sometimes slyly) and this has to stop.
5. Children should be encouraged to celebrate and respect the different cultures and faiths of one another from a tender age and not have their minds instilled with racial hatred.
6. It is pointless in wasting public funds and offering lip service with slogans and campaigns about our multiracial country when it end up as nothing but insincere displays and gestures of unity.
7. Children must be nurtured from a tender age to be inclusive and make friends with all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion.
8. They do not need to look too far and can always take a leaf in unity and friendship from their parents and grandparents who have practised this in their time.
9. As our country reopens it’s borders, let us too dispel our locked-down minds and embrace the true meaning of being one as Malaysians as once before.
10. Further playing a game of divide and rule and allowing politics to dictate how we treat one another is a disservice to our future generations.